Our Mission

Beyond the Cookie is a social impact cookie company whose primary reason for existing is to provide a sustainable funding platform that both supports and empowers positive social impact causes and organizations.  

It is our first and foremost intent to amaze our customers with cookies that look great, taste great and leave them feeling like they just experienced something spectacular!  While funding extraordinary causes, we simply want to focus on thriving to make the best chocolate chip cookie in America!      

Our Story

Some say it's all about the COOKIE, but we beg to differ.

Made with love and a lot of heart, Beyond the Cookie emerged out of our family's mission to create a product, in this case cookies, that could be used to fund causes.

November, 2007... together, our family sat and watched MTV’s “Diary Of  Jay-Z:  Water For Life” documentary which televised Jay-Z’s tour of an area in Africa suffering from  life threatening shortages of water. 

Our family was emotionally touched and immediately moved to action!  Our (then 15 year old) daughter wrote and recorded a song entitled, “Stand" (including added vocals from her 3 year old brother at the end of the song).  

Tylar & Ian -  laDulcevita Cookie Co.png

"Stand" was later sold, accompanied by brownie sales on the streets of Chicago, to raise funds to contribute to the erection of a water pump in a village in Malawi, South Africa.  This experience revealed two things to us: (1) there are very serious issues impacting people in the world that we are completely unaware of, (2) we can do something about it…in fact, we’re obligated to do something.    

With an abundance of poverty, injustice and human suffering going on in the world…we deeply believe that if someone bravely steps forth with a doable idea to help ease human suffering then funding must not be the road block standing in the way of that idea coming to fruition.    

Inside each of us lies the God given ability to do something...no matter how great or small the effort may be.  Inside each of us lies the ability to take a stand.  Imagine the possibilities!!!